Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Final (I Hope) Musing About Sign Counting

Mrs. Plainsman took her required World Language Student Learning Objectives (SOL SLO) Training in Rapid City last Thursday and Friday. We then went north through some hills and plains to grandmother's house before returning home.

Despite my previous protestations about the importance of signage, I decided to add sign noticing to the usual deer dodging that occurs on such trips.

A lone Stace Nelson sign was the only one we noticed from Newell to Faith to Lemmon. We saw around 10 Rounds signs from Selby to Pierre to the Interstate. Half of those signs had weeds or wheat covering everything but the name on the sign. Gordon Howie became a presence on the Interstate. We saw no Wismer, Weiland, Robinson, or Noem signs. We also saw no signs for any of the gubernatorial candidates.

The two most logical conclusions one can draw from the signage we noticed is that most of the Rounds signs were placed for the primary not the November election. Lack of a primary opponent would explain the dearth of Weiland, Robinson, and Noem signs.

More importantly, the relatively small amount of signs indicates most voters have likely not started thinking about the general election. Given the fact that this has been one of the most pleasant summers in recent memory, that lack of attention speaks well for their sanity.

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