Friday, June 6, 2014

Mercer Shows Traditional Media Can Do Its Job

In the main, South Dakota commercial media outlets, especially the television stations, are loath to upset the powers that be and their apple carts. The Madville Times led the charge on the Annette Bosworth petition fiasco. Cory has also developed much of the EB-5 story. It's good that he has, but, as much as I respect Cory's abilities,  a hardworking watchdog media should have beaten him to the punch because they have more resources than he does.

This Bob Mercer post is, therefore, a refreshing change. Mercer simply and clearly points out Gant may have overstated the legal limitations imposed on him:
Saying in rule that a public official “need not” is very different than saying the official is banned from doing so. . . .
Rules can’t be stronger than law in South Dakota. No law, no ban.
One hopes this is a prelude to many other future efforts to call out politicians who fail to fulfill their duties.

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