Friday, June 13, 2014

I Offer Gordon Howie Unsolicited Campaign Advice

Gordon Howie has run for statewide office more than I have, but he apparently has learned little from his experience. I'm going to try to keep this simple. In order to defeat Mike Rounds Howie has to get tens of thousands more South Dakotans to vote for him than he did in his last campaign. He seems to be on track to drive off everyone who did not vote for him last time.

Let's start with this clip art that graced a campaign post about Eric Cantor's defeat.

First, some might consider using this image to celebrate the defeat of Jewish candidate bad form at best anti-Semitic at worst. Let's leave those discussions aside for the moment. This image might bring scores of people to a mega-church; it's going to bring zero voters to the campaign. Mistakes happen, but this image needs to go back to the clip art file for the rest of the campaign.

Second, a good campaign would politely tell @RiNOMikeSD to STFU!

Every South Dakotan who follows politics and most who don't  know Howie loves God and guns. Some may question whether he loves the deity more than weapon, but none doubt his devotion.. Some cynical folk may even read the tweet to indicate that Howie believes he's a god among men. If that phrase becomes part of the Howie campaign talking points, Howie will lose every undecided voter whose politics are to the left of Atilla the Hun.

There's my free advice. Nothing too drastic, but it may keep Howie about 2%.

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