Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Five Questions About South Dakota Politics

I spent the day working with young debaters who have qualified for the National  Speech and Debate Association National Tournament. The were arguing about NATO intervention in Ukraine or whether the United States should emphasize national security at the expense of citizens' digital privacy.

I guess the practice rounds at Brookings High School must have caused me to believe the school year was still in full swing because I started to think about, for lack of a better term, essay questions about South Dakota politics.

Answer whichever one of the following  you choose in the comments. As with all essay questions support your answers with concrete examples and verifiable statistics.

Question 1: Will South Dakotans ever elect a pro-life Democrat or a pro-choice Republican to statewide office? (Debate coaches, that does sound a lot like an extemp question, so no triangles in the comments.)

Question 2: Although South Dakotans are open about a great divide between East River and West River residents, a far wider gulf seems to exist between Native Americans and those of European decent. What should be done to address those stark divisions? Bonus question: why do so few discuss the issue?

Question 3: Given that Republicans have maintained what amounts to a super-majority in the state legislature and the executive branch even though Democrats and Independents outnumber Republicans within South Dakota, what policy initiatives should Democrats initiate to gain the support of Independent voters?

Question 4: Question : Can a South Dakota politician be successful in a statewide race if he or she openly claims to dislike hunting and fishing?

Question 5: Why have those South Dakotans who claim the Second Amendment is under threat and who oppose background checks or a ban on assault weapons focus exclusively on firearms? Doesn't the right to "keep and bear arms" include all knives or collapsible batons which some localities restrict?

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