Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quotation Of The Day: Net Neutrality With Very Brief Comment Edition

From this post:
[Eliminating net neutrality] is the first step toward a world where corporate monopolies on content start affecting not just what you can see and read online — but also how you gain access to it. The signal will be out there, but your ISP just won't deliver it to you.
An internet without network neutrality will look a lot like television does now. You'll depend entirely on your cable company to get broadcasts, and they will only deliver their handpicked channels in their cable packages. There will probably be a little room for the web equivalent of public access television, but it will be so underfunded and slow to load that almost nobody will see it.
The post is in response to proposed F.C.C. rules changes. This decision is just one more item on the list of reasons that makes me glad I did not vote to re-elect President Obama. I really can't imagine a Mitt Romney administration being able to give away more to corporate America than the Obama administration has during the past two years.

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