Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Thoughts On The Lowe And Wismer SDPB Exchange

First, I would have preferred a debate. I'm not sure what this event was, but it didn't provide much of a contrast

Second, Wismer came off better than I expected stylistically.

Third, both candidates' supporters can claim their candidate won. I doubt any minds were changed.

Fourth, they have few differences on the issues.

Fifth, I have no idea who's going to win on Tuesday. Wismer brought up her contacts with county organizations, and Lowe mentioned his appeal to independents. Both reflections seem accurate. Independents can vote in the Democratic primary. If Tuesday brings out low to average voter turnout, I suspect Wismer will have the better ground game and will win. If enough independents are upset with Daugaard and single party rule, I believe Lowe has the edge.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of your points. Especially that it is hard to call who will win this event. With the candidates sitting down it really seemed to constrain some of Lowe's energy; and Wismer seemed to perk up a bit.

larry kurtz said...

If either of you are voting in the Dem gube primary and not in the earth hater US Senate race you're idiots.

Kal Lis said...

I seriously thought about changing registration to Republican. In addition to the US Senate race, there's a local legislative race that it would have been fun to screw up.

I just didn't see the math working to get Rounds below 35% to force the run-off. I may well have been penny wise and pound foolish in that regard.

I will, however, send some money to anti-Republican campaigns through the course of the summer and fall.