Friday, May 30, 2014

A Post Wherein I Jump The Gun On Political Speculation

On June 4, 2014, the South Dakota Republicans will begin to enjoy a relatively drama free life. Mike Rounds will be the nominee for the open United States Senate seat. Larry Rhoden and Jason Ravnsborg will have conceded graciously and endorsed him. Stace Nelson, Lora Hubbel, and Gordon Howie will make a few valid points about South Dakota's culture of cronyism, scream RINO more than they should, and be ignored by the media outlets that most South Dakotans use. Dr. Annette Bosworth will announce a post modern book club. The group's first selections will be Michel Foucault's classics: Madness and Civilization and Discipline and Punish. The race between Shantel Krebs and Pat Miller may provoke a tear or two, but the drama will all be handled behind closed doors in the finest South Dakota Republican tradition.

On the other hand, the Democrats will have to select a Lieutenant Governor candidate. Last night's debate televised exchange indicates that a unity ticket with the loser of the primary taking the second spot is highly unlikely. Given the paucity of Democrats in the legislature and the fact that the big names have decided to sit out this election season, the party will have to select an unknown. That selection may open a rift between party idealists who will want to select someone who illustrates the Democrats' values of diversity and inclusion and party realists who will want to select someone who gives the ticket a puncher's chance against Republican incumbent Dennis Daugaard.

Debates between realists and idealists usually become vociferous affairs. The trick for the Democrats will be using the debate to generate positive press.

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