Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Minor Musing About The Republican Challenge To Gordon Howie's Nominating Petitions

The only persons who root for Goliaths in the giants' conflicts with the assorted Davids are, unsurprisingly, the Goliaths.

That small fact explains why no one should be shocked that Minnehaha County Republicans or a "volunteer group" of that county's Republicans are undertaking an effort to disqualify Gordon Howie's petitions to run as an Independent for the United States Senate

State Republican Party chairperson, Craig Lawrence, claims to be worried that Howie's candidacy will give Rick Weiland an upset victory in November. From a Dakota War College post:
I [Lawrence] suggested that if he were to get 12% of the vote as he has in the past, he could be the spoiler who gives the seat back to the Democrats. He said, “I expect to get much more than 12%.”
Pat Powers concludes his post with one of those lovely either/or logical fallacies beloved of parents punishing a wayward child.
Gordon probably should figure out what party his loyalties run with. Republicans? Or the Democrats he will be aiding.
Powers is echoing the tone of Minnehaha County Republican chairperson Dave Roetman who claims,
"We're trying to make sure we heal the wounds within the party. If people are disaffected, we like to bring them back around." 
When I was a wayward child, my father undertook efforts "to bring [me] back around." To this day, I would not classify those endeavors as healing events.

The Rounds campaign claims to be polling at 61% in the Republican primary. Conservatively, that puts the Rounds over/under bet at 59.5% in the general election. Even if Howie pulls 15%, a possibility as likely as earthquake occurring every time someone reads this post, and all his votes come at the expense of Mike Rounds, the former governor will defeat Rick Weiland 44% to 41%. Even with Howie in the race, Rounds will top 50% unless his contract with Teflon expires.

I've never met Gordon Howie; I'm not going to vote for Gordon Howie if he makes the ballot. I doubt he's a friend of the blog, and my reading of his blog makes me believe that his major goal in life is to sell an unsuspecting soul a lifetime supply of snake oil.

That said, one party rule is unhealthy. South Dakota needs more candidates not fewer. If the state can't develop two major parties, then several  minor ones along with a gargantuan one will have to suffice.

The David and Goliath story resonates because it illustrates a wish that rarely is fulfilled. Some may believe the Republican effort to keep Howie off the ballot is redolent of the fear giants have of a sling and five small, smooth stones. It's not. It's just another boring example of a South Dakota political Goliath attempting to crush a David merely because he can.

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caheidelberger said...

That is the most apt reading of Roetman's threat that I've seen. Thank you!