Tuesday, April 22, 2014

About That Larry Rhoden Ad

I get it; Rhoden is a West River guy. I don't mind the hat, boots, trailer, and bulls. I've got nothing against the West River ethos. My farm boy work shoes came in contact with plenty of manure. (On a side note, I hope the bolo tie comes back back into vogue. For a while even Bruce Springsteen wore one.)

That said, this ad is terrible.

1. I learned nothing about him, and he's not a household name. If Mike Rounds feels the need to introduce himself to voters, Larry Rhoden certainly needs to.

2. It does nothing to distinguish him from any other Republican candidate. Do any of them support Obamacare? Do any of them claim to lack common sense? Do any of them claim that Washington represents South Dakota's interests? I'm pretty sure that every Republican candidate claims to be conservative, married, and a parent.

3. It plays to a stereotype that may turn some voters off.

4. It does nothing to broaden his appeal. (See 2 and 3 above.)

5. The ads production values will make it a joke to every young voter. Please don't claim that authenticity will win them over. Young people think Mumford and Son plays authentic folk music. I like the band, but they're not authentic.

6. Actors claim they never want to be upstaged by children or animals. In this ad the bull upstages Rhoden. If one is upstaged by a bull, I'm not sure how one can claim to be effective dealing with BS 


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you.

Add to that he is being branded a fake as it isn't his cattle, nor his property.

People all over SD are tired of winter, don't see the wisdom of doing a campaign video for an election in the summer with a winter background.

Anonymous said...

Not sure anyone would care where exactly it was filmed other than clearly it's in SD, that's for sure. And one can't really expect weather to cooperate around here unless you do it in a studio. Guessing the previous poster isn't from around here or familiar with our weather.

Ryan Cwach said...

For the record, some of us young folks don't even like Mumford and Sons!