Friday, December 6, 2013

SDHSAA Oral Interp Festival 2013

I have been to many SDHSAA speech and debate events, but I thought this one might be different. Based on recent press reports, I expected to encounter Mafioso exchanging envelopes filled with cash when I arrived this morning. No cash filled envelopes were in sight. I then looked for some shady characters trying bribe young'uns to perform poorly. I didn't see anyone doing that, nor did I spot any leg breakers. SDHSAA Executive Director Wayne Carney and Assistant Executive Director James Weaver are on hand, but no one has addressed them as Godfather. They aren't carrying around two sets of books or talking about today's number either. I am sorely disappointed.

Scott Walker and the rest of the Watertown High School coaching contingent along with some of their students are doing an excellent job of running registration. Scores of students are excited to perform their humorous, prose, and dramatic selections. I expect a few students to actually learn. That outcome, of course, doesn't generate headlines like sour grapes complaints do.
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