Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Things Are Still About Race

While on brief but long journey to see one of the young'uns, my wife and I came across this civic minded (sarcasm alert) display.

Because I am always willing to think well of my fellow humans (sarcasm alert) I, of course, attributed the appearance of the Confederate battle flag as a celebration of states' rights. I was disabused of my optimism when my wife pointed out the racial epithet on the sign's lower left hand corner.

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P&R said...

I would offer a correction to the headline. Not some things, but for some people, all things are about race.

There are those who voted for and continue to support Obama, without regard to anything they either know or appreciate about his policies or objectives, simply because he is black. And there are those - like the guy putting up this sign - who oppose him for the same reason. Both are racist - what matters is not character or abilities, but only race - and both are harmful.

But that doesn't mean all supporters or opponents are such and one should not take a single incident of either sort of racism as standing for the whole (or a majority, or even a significant minority) of either group.