Monday, October 21, 2013

Will SCF Santa Deliver For Rhoden, Nelson, Or Bosworth?

"Now that the Obamacare showdown is over, we will begin making candidate endorsements for the 2014 elections. Our goal is to elect true conservative leaders to the U.S. Senate who have the courage to stand up to the Washington establishment. If there is a lesson from the Obamacare debate, it's that we need more principled leaders in Washington who will listen to the voters and fight for their values.
"We have enjoyed working with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul on several policy issues this year, but we won't be asking them to support our candidates. These are our endorsements, not theirs, and it's time for Americans to take the lead and use the political process to change Washington." [italics in original]
Since SCF is checking its naughty and nice list, Stace Nelson, Larry Rhoden, and Annette Bosworth are likely hanging their endorsement stockings by their respective PAC endorsement chimneys with great care in hopes that an SCF endorsement soon will be there. The candidates likely can't sleep with all of the visions of sugar plum cash dancing in their heads.

Of course there's always the risk of either empty or coal filled stockings. All three candidates, but Nelson in particular, must also be hoping beyond hope that the SFC is not the Grinch that The Hill anonymously sourced last month:
While multiple conservative groups confirmed they’ve met with both Nelson and the other most prominent conservative challenger in the race, state Sen. Larry Rhoden, representatives privately admitted they’re not thrilled with either candidate.
“Stace probably shares our views, but [it’s] hard to see him being a credible candidate at this point,” one adviser to a national conservative group told The Hill.
SCF Santa has already endorsed Chris McDaniel in Mississippi and Matt Bevin in Kentucky, so the South Dakota candidates must be experiencing an excruciating wait.

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