Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Only Things We Have To Fear Are No Guns, An Obama Dictatorship, Sharia Law, Skull & Bones, And Electronic Currency

Politics used to be the art of the possible. Now, it seems to be the art of manufacturing a crisis. Crises depend on and create fear.

According to these PPP results, nearly half of the members of one political party willingly allow fears run wild. If fact, these people believe our current crises are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Many Republicans believe that President Obama and Muslims are out to destroy all the nation holds dear. To paraphrase Lincoln, I'm not sure that any nation that that conceives of crisis and paranoia as a governing principle can long endure.
Overall, 36% of Americans and 62% of Republicans believe that the Obama Administration is secretly trying to take everyone’s guns away; just 14% of Democrats believe the same. 
One in four Americans say that President Obama is secretly trying to figure out a way to stay in office beyond 2017 –including almost half of Republicans (44%). 
And 26% of Americans think that Muslims are covertly implementing Sharia Law in American court systems, while 55% don’t think so and another 19% aren't sure. There’s a huge partisan breakdown on this one as well – 42% of Republicans fear Sharia Law making its way into America’s courts while just 12% of Democrats agree.
13% believe that the U.S. government engages in so-called “false flag” operations, where the government plans and executes terrorist or mass shooting events and blames those actions on others, 70% disagree. Republicans (21%) are more than twice as likely as Democrats (9%) to believe this theory.
19% say there is a secret society such as Skull and Bones that produces America’s political and financial leaders to serve the wealthy elite. 
And 17% of voters said they think a group of world bankers are slowly eliminating paper currency to force most banking online – only to cut the power grid so regular citizens can’t access money and are forced into worldwide slavery. Nearly one in three Republicans (27%) believe the electronic currency theory while just 10% of Democrats agree.
If the PPP poll is close to accurate, Republicans and Democrats may soon be unable to agree about black and white. 

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