Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: South Dakota U.S. Senate Candidates And Insurance Protection Law

From this Bob Mercer column:
During the Legislature’s 2013 session, Rounds’ two main campaign advisers -- both former top aides from his time as governor -- lobbied for a new state law.
The law requires that Obamacare policies can be provided only through South Dakota insurance producers. It also requires that normal commissions must be paid.
The law gives insurance business people in South Dakota further reason to support one of their own. . . .
State Sen. Larry Rhoden of Union Center, state Rep. Stace Nelson of Fulton and Dr. Annette Bosworth of Sioux Falls are going great distances to drive their stakes deep among the most conservative of Republican primary voters.
Rounds’ Obamacare statement puts him with them opposing it. The insurance protection law? Rhoden and Nelson helped co-sponsor it and voted for it.

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