Friday, October 4, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: Loving My Little Pony A Little Too Much Edition

Apparently a guy got fired for having My Little Pony as his computer desktop background. Cory Robin sums up what the firing reveals:
Regardless of what buttons are being set off by this guy, the story just confirms a point some of us have been making over and over again: the American workplace is one of the most coercive institutions around. It’s a place where, whatever the niceties and pieties of our allegedly tolerant culture may be, bosses and supervisors get to act out—and on—their most regressive anxieties and fears. It’s a playground of cultural and political recidivism, where men and women (but more often men) are given the tools to inflict and enforce their beliefs, their style, their values upon their employees. . . .
. . .
Here’s the bottom line: in most American workplaces, the boss can fire any brony who loves My Little Pony. It’s totally legal. And that’s the problem.

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