Thursday, October 17, 2013

Noem Completes Hypocricy Trifecta

No one should be surprised that Representative Kristi Noem voted to keep the government shut down. That vote completed a hypocrisy trifecta  Vegas of course would have taken that bet off the board; betting that Noem would cast a vote with consistent with principle is the definition of a sucker bet.

Let's review Noem's accomplishment. First, there was the vote to give the NSA carte blanche to violate the Fourth Amendment. Noem claims to be a small government conservative. The NSA may be many things, but small government is not one of them. If one wants to vote like a big government neocon, one should own the label.

Her vote to give corporate welfare to herself and her friends while cutting funding for food stamps is the second stage of her trifecta. One who votes for welfare for everyone may be a spendthrift. One who votes for welfare for no one may be hard hearted. One who votes for welfare for me but not for thee is hypocritical.

Those two votes set up last night's hypocritical vote. If one casts a vote to support big government spying on American citizens and for welfare payments that benefit oneself, one cannot logically claim to be anything other than hypocritical with a vote to keep the government shut down.

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