Friday, October 18, 2013

Hubbel Announcing Candidacy; Sibby Blogging Again; Coincidence?

Perhaps.  To be fair, Sibby's two recent posts, his first since July 23, have been traditional Sibby fare: Fabian Socialists, the national debt, and the Madville Times comment policy will bring about an disaster involving eschatological plagues.

It does seem curious, however, that Sibby resumes posting at the same time that Lora Hubbel publicizes her intention to challenge incumbent incumbent Republican Dennis Daugaard for the South Dakota GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Bob Mercer provides a timely reminder that Hubbel and Sibby have, to paraphrase the young'uns, campaign history:
Hubbel also was one of the forces behind a ballot-measure group in 2008 that received secret sources of funding. She was one of the directors for an organization called the South Dakota Conservative Action Council. The group provided about 80 percent of the money in 2007 to a committee, South Dakotans for Open and Clean Government, that put an initiated measure on the 2008 ballot (65 percent of voters rejected it). The Conservative Action Council wouldn’t reveal its sources for most of the funding that it passed along to the ballot committee. Americans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity and the National Taxpayers Union were active in South Dakota supporting the effort. The other two directors for the Conservative Action Council were Lee Breard, whose political roots were in Louisiana before he moved to South Dakota to establish the organization, and Steve Sibson of Mitchell, a conservative blogger. None of the three- Hubbel, Breard or Sibson — would disclose the council’s sources of money or the amounts.
Further, campaigns seem to increasingly use bloggers. Most recently, Stace Nelson announced that Ken Santema of South Dakota Liberty. In that light, Sibby serving as Hubbel's official blogger doesn't seem like a big stretch.


caheidelberger said...

Hey, how come no one is paying me to be their official blogger? I got bills to pay! ;-)

Steve Sibson said...

And you two accuse me of creating conspiracy theories?

Kal Lis said...


I would have thought that Noem would have hired you with the caveat that you write about anything you want except her.

Kal Lis said...


Thanks for stopping by. I didn't know I was on your radar.

I believe I used the word "wonder" and said that Lora's announcement and your resuming were perhaps a coincidence. I'm more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

On a side note, conspiracy theory, at least in my personal lexicon, carries the connotation that people involved in the conspiracy are engaged in nefarious and evil activities. Running for governor and blogging in support of one's candidate are neither. I would prefer that one acknowledge blogging for pay, but I wouldn't consider it a conspiracy unless people lied about the connection or the pay.

By the way, I was serious in an earlier post when I said I regretted not introducing myself to you at the Common Core event a few weeks back. I didn't see who responded to Lora's request for help.