Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Minor Musing About Backmasking and Subordinate Clauses

That's how my last class ended. The young'uns had heard that Justin Bieber's song "Baby" allegedly has Satanic messages when played backwards. (I refuse to link to anything Bieber.) I wanted to talk about subordinate clauses, so all of my examples had to deal with backmasking. They'll probably all download Abby Lane and use Audacity to hear whether Paul is truly dead.

Before the trip down memory lane, we discussed the The Life of Pi and wonder, faith, rationality, secularism, and modernity. Earlier young policy debaters researched Mexican narcotics interdiction, assisting Cuba or Mexico in efforts to safely explore for and extract oil, and how to use drop box to store information. The day started with discussions about Midas and Narcissus.

After school, Lincoln-Douglas and public forum debaters started tearing about new resolutions on attorney-client privilege and the NSA.

After a really good day like that, listening to a bunch of politicians making pompous promulgations that they are acting for the good of the country seems more than silly.

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