Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Seems South Dakota Republicans Are Just Like National Republicans

From this Pew Poll report:
Yet while Republicans may agree on the scope of the problem, there is little consensus over the party’s future course on either policy or strategy.
Move in a more conservative or moderate direction on policy? By 54% to 40%, Republican and Republican-leaning voters want the party’s leaders to move further to the right. Not surprisingly, conservatives and those who agree with the Tea Party overwhelmingly favor moving in a more conservative direction, while moderates and liberals would like to see the party take more centrist positions. Yet the more moderate wing of the party is a minority generally, and makes up an even smaller share of the likely primary electorate.
Has the GOP compromised too much, or not enough? Republican voters are divided: 35% say the party has compromised too much with Democrats, 27% say not enough, while 32% say party leaders have handled this about right. On this tactical question the Tea Party stands apart: about half (53%) think party leaders have already compromised too much with Democrats, compared with just 22% of non-Tea Party Republicans.
These results don't seem to differ markedly from those one would get counting the charges and denials of RINOism in the South Dakota blogosphere.

The fact that conservatives make up a large block of the primary voters does indicate that the next 10 months will feature more conservation questioning Mike Rounds conservative credentials. It will be interesting to see if the charges gain real traction.

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