Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Night Is A Good Night For A Geek Debate

That statement is especially true if it's been a rainy day in June.

Calling them the ultimate superheroes, IO9 is giving a little publicity to the following Eric Guzman Marvel/DC mash-ups.

Left to Right: Captain Krypton, Ms. Wonder, and The Amazing Spider-Bat
Combining a chemically enhanced guy with a shield to Superman seems rather unnecessary, and I don't think Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman are a good fit. Spider-Bat seems like a great mix especially if there's a utility belt involved.

Ok, for all geek readers, what Marvel and DC heroes would you combine to create the ultimate superhero?

If you're not a comics person, which member of Star Wars and Star Trek universes would you combine? Before anyone suggests Chewbacca and Spock, remember that the NSA may be reading your comments.

For those who limit their geekdom to politics, combine a nationally known Republican and Democrat.

None of you really want people to think you have lives do you?


M Larson said...

Spider bat seems a bit unneeded too. Ice Man and and Aqua man? Weirdest combination would be Dr. Strange and The Flash!

Ken Santema said...

My pick wouldn't be an "ultimate" for power. It would be Longshot from Marvel and Huntress (Bertinelli) from DC. The two characters combined would make for one heckuva superhero.

Another interesting mix would be the Sandman and Warlock. There would be some interesting story-lines with a mashed up combination of those two.

PS. I'll stay away from mixing Dems & Reps, from libertarian view I already see most of them as being the same.

Kal Lis said...


I guess I need to clarify. Superman is has super strength and a invulnerability. He doesn't need the shield. It wouldn't stop kryptonite for example.

The Spider-Bat amalgam seems to enhance each character.

Fast magic is an interesting concept.


Interesting choices, especially Sandman/Warlock.

M Larson said...

My thought with Iceman and Aquaman could be that while underwater he could freeze nuclear subs in ice to prevent destruction to the ocean floor.