Monday, June 10, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: An Archie Movie? Edition

From this I Watch Stuff Post:
Eager to take advantage of how it's now 1950, Warner Bros. is reportedly adapting Archie Comics into a feature film to be directed by Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore. Carrie remake writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is handling the screenplay, having previously delved into the world of Archie with comics runs on Afterlife with Archie and Archie Meets Glee, both of which are modern things people apparently purchased. Aguirre-Sacasa's hiring and prior résumé led some to quickly hypothesize that the films would include Afterlife's zombies (though not Glee characters, for some reason), but Variety has since clarified that the film will see Archie in a "teenage midlife crisis" that sees him trying to find purpose before graduation, and assumedly deciding whether he wants his favored female face to have blonde hair or black hair. Hopefully they don't mess this up, because you love Archie.

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