Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weiland Misses Opportunity To Prove He's A Good Candiddate

Cory posits the following scenario:
Imagine Weiland lining up the best of both worlds. He tacks left to win the support of the truer blue anti-Blue Dog South Dakota Dems. Yet he gets the power elite in D.C. to poo-poo him, allowing him to tout his independent streak and let less partisan South Dakota voters know that he's their guy, not the creature of some Washington machine.
It's always a good idea for South Dakotans to run against Washington, so I think Weiland should follow that advice, but there's one problem: it still contains the word "imagine."  I must have missed yesterday's announcement that went something like this:
I'm glad the Majority Leader Reid clarified that I am not his candidate. I seek only to serve South Dakotans in the United States Senate. I look forward to working with South Dakota Democrats to forge a winning candidacy and with all South Dakotans as their United States Senator in January 2015.
That speech doesn't work in September when it begins, "Hey, guys, you remember that one time when Reid said I wasn't his candidate...Yeah, about that..."

Weiland had one news cycle to get that message out. I haven't seen it. Has anyone?

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