Monday, May 13, 2013

Was Herseth Sandlin's Decision About The Money?

I'm a Facebook conscientious objector, so I saw the Herseth Sandlin announcement late. There's Madville Times commentary and comments; and DWC commentary and comments.

All seem to ignore, this Bob Mercer post from yesterday morning:
The Federal Election Commission approved the plan and also terminated the Herseth Sandlin campaign committee effective March 15, 2011. That meant her committee didn’t need to continue filing FEC reports but needed to keep records and copies of her reports available for three years. The FEC acceptance of the settlement plan also meant that if she became active again as a federal candidate she would need to re-register with the commission. The net result was the campaign committee was shut down, ending its ability to raise funds, and she personally owed $12,000 to the company. The only reported contributions her committee received in that final round of fundraising before termination were $1,000 from Linda Lea Viken of Rapid City and $250 from Bert Douglas Kollars of Dakota Dunes. That money, plus $50 of un-itemized contributions, was combined with the carryover cash to pay off all of the other remaining obligations.
If Herseth Sandlin was so sort of cash after losing to Noem that she dissolved her campaign committee, one has to wonder if she the money people she needed to back her were not coming up with the cash.

Republicans are going to make a big push to take the Senate. They will need to win the South Dakota seat that Tim Johnson now holds to accomplish that goal. Those Republican efforts will bring more money than usual to the state. That effort will mean that the Democratic nominee was going to have to raise and spend more money.

If fundraising wasn't there when she was an incumbent against Noem, is it it that far fetched to believe Herseth Sandlin may have decided to sit out an election that would have necessitated raising far more money?

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