Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quotations Of The Day: Stacks of Bibles And Graphic Novels Edition

From a Sara Beck article in The New York Times: Stacks of Bibles, and Graphic Novels,
To readers of philosophy, “logos” means reason and rational argument. To readers of the Gospels, it is the word of God made incarnate in Jesus Christ. But for seekers of all kinds on the Upper East Side, Logos is also a cozy bookshop with a lumpy recliner and a black cat named Boo Boo, who sleeps near a stack of Bibles.

“Really, we are two shops in one,” said Harris Healy, the owner, gesturing to a display table piled with Father’s Day books on grilling and graphic novels. “We have a religious side and a secular side.”
“I guarantee we’re the only nondenominational Christian bookstore in the world that hosts an interfaith sacred book salon led by an atheist Jew who was educated at a liberal Methodist seminary," [Ben Siegel, an employee,] explained, offering a hint of his own unorthodox background.

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