Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: Love, Humility, Paranoia, And Politics Edition

From this James Poulos column:
Secular and Christian combatants alike oftentimes harbor very high opinions of themselves, as people who have it right and have the benefit of a community of fellow thinkers and doers of right. Yet both fear in their way that only their understanding of humility and love is the true one — that if they try to meet the other side on terms of humility and love, there will be a subtle trick, they will have given the game away, what they hate most will be smuggled in and overwhelm them, defenses down.
It turns out there isn’t very much evidence that this fear is founded either in reality or in human anthropology. At any rate, shouldn’t we all be more upset about what, as a consequence of that fear, our politics has become?

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