Friday, May 17, 2013

Noem and Rounds: It's About Cards Not Balls

Last night Cory asked for the sports analogy that best fit Representative Kristi Noems's "conversations" about running for Senate. This move isn't copied from the gridiron, field, or court. It's straight from the poker table, and in this post Citizens United world, the game is Texas No Limit Hold'em.

In this heads-up match, Noem is in the big blind. Both players have been dealt their cards. I'm guessing Rounds is holding the equivalent of a pair of jacks, and Noem has been dealt  the equivalent of an unsuited ace 10.

Rounds has his early entry, endorsements, and some uneven fundraising so he can feel comfortable making a  small raise above the blind.. Noem knows conservative groups don't like Rounds, and she has had some successes with the farm bill and the cemetery act. These "conversations" are just a value-bet call that indicates she wants to stay in the came and see the flop.

(I definitely need to get out more. I'm watching far too much TV.)

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