Friday, May 31, 2013

It Ain't Never Simple Or Easy

Since the school year ended, I've been paying less attention to grammar. I've also spent a lot of time reading Dakota War College comments. At the risk of oversimplification, most of the comments fall into three categories. First, many commenters allege that they and their allies are true conservatives whereas self-described conservatives who disagree with them about a particular issue are RINOS. Second, the comments assert small government, low taxes, capitalism, and true conservative Republicans are good in and of themselves. Finally, all DWC regulars seem to agree Democrats are treacherous, incompetent, and unlikable.

Because many of the comments frame solutions to complex problems as both easy and simple, the comments frequently remind me of Animal Farm's mantras especially the most famous one "Four legs good; two legs bad." 

That's why this Alan Jacobs post is a must read. Jacobs does not "know nor care" whether he is a "True Conservative." He lays out his key principles: being consistently pro-life, subsidiarity, and valuing the wisdom that humanity has inherited. While those principles may resonate with many self-described conservatives, they lead Jacobs to write,
I am not and never have been a Republican. I feel roughly as alienated from that party as I do from the Democratic Party. I hold a number of political views that strong-minded Republicans typically find appalling: I think racism is one of the greatest problems in American society today; I am not convinced that austerity programs are helpful in addressing our economic condition; I am absolutely convinced that what many Republicans call free-market capitalism is in fact crony capitalism, calculated to favor the extremely wealthy and immensely powerful multinational corporations; I think that for all of the flaws of Obamacare, it was at least an attempt to solve a drastically unjust and often morally corrupt network of medical care in this country; I dislike military adventurism, and believe that our various attempts at nation-building over the past decade were miscalculated from the outset.
That quotation sums up a lot of what I believe as well. 

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