Monday, May 20, 2013

A Minor Musing About Aaron Hicks And Brendan Johnson

Cory Heidelberger and Pat Powers, as is their wont, are engaged in a spat about whether the Brendan Johnson faction of the South Dakota Democratic Party is using Rick Weiland is a placeholder.

I have trouble believing that people who practice politics professionally would be so stupid as to believe that idea worth considering, much less decide to act upon it. That being said, South Dakota Democrats have not won many elections recently, so they may be working under the adage, "desperate times call for desperate measures." If so, they would do well to consider the example of Aaron Hicks, the current center fielder for the Minnesota Twins.

Since the 1980s, the Twins have had Hall of Famers like Kirby Puckett, all-stars and gold glove winners like Torii Hunter, along with the more-than-serviceable journeyman like Denard Span patrolling center field. During that same time South Dakota's Democrats have had Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson elected to the United States Senate. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has also won statewide election as South Dakota's lone member of the House of Representatives. I'll leave it to readers to determine for themselves which politician is the equivalent of a hall of famer, and all-star, or a journeyman

Kirby Puckett retired in 1996; he died in 2006. Hunter now plays for the Detroit Tigers, and Span plays for the Washington Nationals. To use the trite phrase, they ain't walking through the Twins' locker room door.

That leaves the team with Aaron Hicks who had good stats in AA ball, but Hicks is currently hitting .139 with 3 home runs and 15 runs batted in. He has struck out 37 times. He may have all the tools, and he may one day become a serviceable journeyman or go on to win a few gold gloves.

Brendan Johnson,  by all accounts, is a charismatic young man who has all the tools to succeed in politics, but his time in the U.S. Attorney's office is the political equivalent of AA ball. In time, he may become the political equivalent of a gold glove winner or all-star, but it's also a safe bet the results of his first campaign will have him hitting near or below the Mendoza line.

Rick Weiland may resemble Carlos Gomez more than he does Torii Hunter, but that doesn't mean that a plan to have him hold a line on the ballot so that Brendan Johnson can eventually become the Democrats' candidate will bear fruit.  In fact, it's probably doomed to make all involved look  inept.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, have you checked out Carlos Gomez lately? He was hitting .335 with six homers and nine stolen bases through Sunday. Last year he batted .260 with 19 home runs and 37 stolen bases. All were career highs. Something, somehow, changed him into the player the Mets and the Twins thought he could be.

Kal Lis said...

Yeah, I know. I was referring to his career with the Twins which was decidedly unspectacular.

I suppose I could have used Ben Revere.

On the other hand, Gomez still helps make my point. It took him several major league seasons to develop. South Dakota Dems are asking Johnson to develop in his first election

larry kurtz said...

There is no spat between Pat and Cory any longer as Pat has annihilated Madville. Democrats in South Dakota are finished.