Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Would Steve Hickey Support This Cage Match??

Bill O'Reilly vs. Rush Limbaugh!!! with special guest referee Laura Ingraham!

PerhapsReverend Hickey might be willing to unleash serve as the ring announcer and unleash his inner Michael Buffer and unleash a stentorian "Let's get ready to ruuuuummmmmmble."

Here's the pre-fight trash talk.

For the record, I've been called a Bible thumper and don't find the term offensive although I prefer Bible Banger.


Troy Jones said...

I prefer "thumper" as that implies a lower octave sound than "banger."

Further, are engaging in ad hominem attacks, ironically with the piece led-off by the master of these attacks.

Less and less do we discuss issues with intellectual honesty but instead debate character merits/demerits of our opponent.

LK said...

I agree. Thumper does havethat lower range and canI sound authoratative, but there'sbeing that Bambit movie to consider. Banger gives street cred with@young'uns.

There are plenty of ideas that need to be debated. I wish we all had the patience to think things through. I also wish so many people didn't assume that the loudest voice won the debate

LK said...

Previous typed with phone. It shows effect of big thumbs