Monday, March 18, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: Why The Middle Class Is Totally Screwed Edition

From this Robert W. Patterson piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer:
President Obama talks a good game, but remains too preoccupied with rolling out his legacy to ride to the rescue. Indeed, his Affordable Care Act is a bureaucratic nightmare that fails to implement a utility-style regulation of routine health-care pricing. And when not obsessing over elite causes that eclipse middle-class norms, he's fast-tracking welfare expenditures that facilitate downward mobility.
Last week, the Republicans and their economic standard-bearer, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, had a chance to offer a plan to save the middle class. Unfortunately, the House Budget Committee chairman's updated "Path to Prosperity" reprises the same old song - straight from the hymnal of conservative think tanks - that the voters tuned out in 2012.
The dreary dirge maintains that balanced budgets in distant out-years are key to restoring the American dream today, along with regulatory relief and a tax code that favors investors over wage earners. Even while devoting a chorus to domestic oil and gas production, Ryan continues to worship at the altar of a prevailing GOP myth: that freeing up "small businesses" to hire and expand will reap an economic windfall.
I'm not sure Patterson has any solutions, but he seems to have analyzed the problems fairly well.

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