Thursday, March 28, 2013

Forget The Drama; Show Me The Money

There's really only so much Brendan and Stephanie drama one can read before it sounds like high school cafeteria gossip. I suspect the rumor mill will soon gin up some Mike and Kristi drama. If lunch duty has taught me anything, these popular kids will all find prom dates eventually.

I do, however, find the money story that may be developing interesting. The Senate Conservatives Fund (SFC), a Jim DeMint sponsored astroturf group,  is seeking an alternative to presumptive candidate Mike Rounds. The group has deemed Rounds too "moderate."

The Republican Liberty Caucus of South Dakota has taken to Twitter to support the SCF. (I'm guessing that this group is not affiliated with the national Republican Liberty Caucus that currently lists Russel Means as a chapter contact person.)

This attack continues the one Gordan Howie began last month. Howie has paraphrased Bill Napoli, Howie's preferred candidate, and claimed Rounds is "a mud puddle… two feet wide and two inches deep." More recently, Howie has claimed that Karl Rove represents the "left-wing of the Republican party." This charge presumably begins the effort to denounce the outside money Rove's Conservative Victory Project might bring to a South Dakota Republican primary to head off a candidate like Napoli.

The Republican establishment has not been silent. First, it reminded Napoli that that the Interwebs preserve everything:
The only problem is, as nice a guy Bill is, he’s got some baggage. Don’t get me wrong. I personally like Bill. He’s funny, and a genuine, self-made man. He’s completely original and authentic. You can’t help but like him.
But. And I would counsel him, that’s a big but. Bill’s got some words that will follow him into any race for higher office. Especially in one of the top US Senate Races in the country.
It has also decried outside money. The outside money they disparage, however, may come from the SCF.
. . . it’s all well and good for them to say that they’ve got a million dollars for you. But the problem is that it’s likely to be one million dollars spent from a PAC they control, and will be spent in a manner that they dictate, such as attack ads. While the candidate struggles to raise enough money to keep the phones and lights on, the other group is going to be spending that million blasting Mike Rounds.  Which doesn’t do the poor soul they got to run a damn bit of good, especially if he or she can’t get on the air with their own ads.
I hope the race doesn't reprise the "follow the money" line. I'd prefer to contribute to the candidate that did the best cover of  "It's All About The Benjamins":
Now, what y'all want to do

Want to be ballers, shot callers, [political] brawler. . .

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