Saturday, March 16, 2013

Christians Who Get It And Christians Who Don't

PNR gets it. First, he quotes Pope Francis:
We can walk as much as we want, we can build many things, but if we do not profess Jesus Christ, things go wrong. We may become a charitable NGO, but not the Church, the Bride of the Lord. When we are not walking, we stop moving. When we are not building on the stones, what happens? The same thing that happens to children on the beach when they build sandcastles: everything is swept away, there is no solidity.
PNR then points out that a large difference exists between being "a Christ-centered voice in politics" and "a politics-centered voice in the church."

Given that Christians are enjoined to take the long view--"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied"--the distinction seems apt.

On the other hand, Brad Ford celebrates Pope Francis as a Republican Party savior. According to Ford, the new pope will plague Democrats:
This has got to spell trouble for the Democrat’s hitherto successful attempts to woo Hispanics with welfare programs over a lifetime.  Perhaps the newly arrived God-fearing immigrants will now feel more emboldened to reign [sic] in their children who drift too easily into gangs, joblessness, and welfare-sustained poverty.
Ford also speculates that Pope Francis will offer succor to Republicans:
Social conservatives within the GOP have every reason to believe that the moral umbrella of the new Pope over the Americas will be wide enough to challenge the “throw money at the problem” Democrats and “it’s the economy, stupid” fiscal conservatives.  American politics needs to acknowledge heritage deeper than money can cure.
The biggest problem facing American Christianity is that many churches seem to have become wholly owned subsidiaries of either the Democrats or Republicans. When it comes to choosing between God and mammon or what to render to God and what to render to Caesar they make confused and confusing choices. A Pope who doesn't want his church to become a politicized NGO probably doesn't want it to be an arm of the Republican Party wing that Ford champions.


Troy Jones said...


I just saw this. It's amazing the buckets people want to put this new Pope into. Unrealistic expectations is the surest way to disappointment.

LK said...

Absolutely. This wasn't a US election with a public campaign. No one knows what he's going to do.

If everyone calms down and waits for a year or two,we'll be able to figure out what his priorities are and the impact of his decisions.