Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plains Pops: A Give Me Something To Belive In Trio

I always feel good when I can use a Poison song as part of post headline.

First, this trailer for The Life of Pi reminds one to believe the unbelievable:

Second, this post from GeekDad  begins with the following paragraph on the search for saviors:
Not to sound like a woe-is-me fatalist, but if the world has ever been in need of saving, it’s now. We’re continuously looking for heroes to step in and fix everything. Some turn to politics and the upcoming election – okay, we won’t be going there – while others are drawn to their religious community – and we’ll be skirting by that issue, while we’re at it. In entertainment, one certainly doesn’t have to look too far to see what has everyone abuzz. The Avengers brought in just shy of infinity million dollars while in theaters; and Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises saw about half of that. Both of these blockbusters were derived, of course, from the rich and overflowing heroics of the Big Two comic book companies. While Marvel and DC Comics are certainly both rife with saviors, they are far from being the sole source material. In Kristopher White’s indie graphic novel The Thirty-Six, we see that our comic heroes don’t have to wear tights, or special armor with Tron-esque piping, for that matter, to be super and save the day.
Most importantly, this series of meditations on The Odyssey from political blogger Rod Dreher powerful illustrate why Homer's poem still resonates.

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