Friday, August 17, 2012

Reason #33 Cory Heidelberger Is A Better Blogger Than I Am

Cory and I both saw this Nathan Johnson post on the recent Yankton City Commission meeting. We both read the hyperbolic rant:
A lack of volunteers does not indicate community disinterest, Commissioner David Knoff said.
“The Fourth of July is a perfect example,” he stated. “If you don’t think it’s that important of a deal to the community because the Chamber doesn’t want to do it, then let’s quit doing it. Then (the public will) come in here, set us all on fire, shoot us and do everything else. They want the event. They just don’t want to step up to it. They want to go to it.
Cory saw Dave Knoff's rant as the basis for profound philosophical questions about human nature, the role of government, and the needs of a well-ordered society.

I saw


caheidelberger said...

I am laughing very hard. Excellent Bill Murray reference.

LK said...

I'm glad I caused a bit of mirth.

I was going to let the quotation go until you posted about it. Then I just couldn't resist.

irishred said...

Bravo Leo...Bravo.

LK said...

Thanks Shane