Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pop Culture Teaching Tools

I need to keep these in one place, so I'll write a post on the off chance that someone else is as weird as I am.

The Odyssey illustrates "to be human is to be troubled": one of those troubles is mortality. This IO9 post posits that mortality may be less of a problem in the relatively near future: Russian Scientists assert it may be possible to achieve immortality by 2045. IO9 also asks a question students should be experts at discussing: would it be boring if we could live forever? The accompanying illustration is also worth an assignment:

I do a brief lit theory unit. This post about science fiction's philosophical roots may be helpful. So will this post about Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand fixation. The irony of a devout Catholic also being a follower of a rather noisy atheist opposed to charity opens the door to discuss several of the predominant theories.

Speaking of irony, does it qualify as irony that adult film star Ron Jeremy calls Mitt Romney a good man? If not does Jenna Jameson's endorsement qualify? I probably shouldn't use either example in class even if I can use the name Jenna Jameson to discuss alliteration.

This Jim Holt video may be a good start to the creation myths unit:

This Holt video may work with the play Fences or any other death literature:

Tweets like this one should help teach about language use and conciseness

Finally, because the undead never go out of style, one can discuss zombie nouns.

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