Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Many South Dakotans Agree That School Are "Godless" And Teachers Are "Vampires"?

A commenter left the following opinion on the Yankton Press & Dakotan comment section:
Public schools are Godless and socialist. Parents should pay for your child's education not me.
He further opined that "teachers are vampires that suck the blood from tax payer."

I'm curious about how many South Dakotans share his views. I don't have firm stats or a poll, but I think it's safe to say that about 15% of the state identifies with Gordon Howie, Bob Ellis et al. The over/under of those citizens who agree with the comments is 90%.

I'm guessing that about 20% of the state is self-identified liberal Democrats. They would disagree with the premise that there should be no public schools and may not care if the schools are Godless. They may still see teachers as vampires. Even with that caveat, the over/under of the liberal Democrats who would agree with the proffered opinion is 6%.

The remaining 65% are mainstream Republicans and conservative Democrats. Republicans make up the lion's share of that number.. Here's where the guesstimates get scary. Ten years ago, I would have set the over/under for members of this group who agree with comment at 15%. Now, I'm setting it at 55%.

I welcome comments about either my analysis of South Dakota's political make-up or my my odds making..

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