Sunday, July 22, 2012

Literature Reviews From The Mouth Of Babes

Blogging at Strollerderby, Sunny Chanel elicits some wisdom from her six-year-old daughter by asking the "recent kindergarten graduate [to judge] a book by its cover"

The six year old might not have Jane Eyre's plot quite right.

"This is about a girl that goes mining. I don’t know why, but she looks like she would go mining, mining for gold."

She does a little better with The Catcher in the Rye.

"It doesn’t really have a story. The cover is weird. It doesn’t give you like any clue to what it is about on the cover, like other books do."

I wish she would re-write The Great Gatsby.

"I think it's a book about a haunted theme park and it stars a magical magic guy and he's good and evil and he's trying to get rid of the ghosts. And I think at the end, since it's haunted by a ghost, he tried to make the park go on fire and it did."
Her version of Atlas Shrugged would make the book worth reading.

"This is about Daydis (her spelling it’s actually – Daedalus). He is an ancient god guy who prays a lot. This book is about him crying. He is crying because he doesn’t like himself at all, because he hates himself. It looks like a saddy, saddy, saddy bookie.”

Her mother adds: "Note: she loves Greek Mythology at bedtime hence the Daedalus reference. And really, who doesn't?"


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