Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Education Reform I'd Like To See

This is what school should look like:

Too often novels like New Model Army, philosophical works, and science treatises are taught in isolation.

These particular works may not work for K-12 but the principle would certainly work at the K-12 level. I incorporate a short look at the big bang theory when I teach creation myths, but it would be good to tie in some math as well.

Unfortunately, The odds of having high school classes allowing students to do in-depth study of material from several disciplines are nil.  In fact, one probably has a better chance of seeing the 1992 Dream Team as they were then play the the current USA Olympic Team in a best of seven series.


Mike Larson said...

This is something that our school has been talking about doing. I try to incorporate a lot of history in my American Lit class (easy enough), but have struggled thinking of ways to include math. One thing that the math teachers suggested was some basic logic problems.

LK said...

I use tghose in my detective class.

LK said...

Or "those."

Using Nook for 1st time for comments.

I'm coming to believe isolation by discipline is not ideal.