Friday, July 20, 2012

A Reading List For Entrepreneurs

As a curmudgeon, I frequently take umbrage at the STEM uber alles crowd and the businessmen who erroneously contend that literature and history have no worth.  I also try to be a fair curmudgeon, so I want to point out these INC. posts.

Bill Murphy Jr. contends that The Great Escape is the best entrepreneurship book ever written.  He notes that a group of talented, inspired individuals did what every entrepreneur does:
First, they identified solutions to a deeply felt problem. . . .
Second, they acquired the resources they needed. . . .
Finally, they had to execute. . . .
Murphy follows up with a list of 7 other books including Moneyball and The Aeneid.

Both posts make an extremely valid point; the fault is not with the fiction or histories; the fault lies with readers who lack the imagination to read beyond the facts to garner principles.

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