Saturday, June 9, 2012

Traveling To The National Forensics League National Tournament In Indianapolis: Weird Soundtrack Edition

Side one,

I began with bad traveling song cliches.

Everybody of certain age thinks about this song at the start of a road trip.
Fellow Highwaymen Johnny Cash has a classic, but it doesn't mention Indianapolis.

I saw an episode of this song while I was packing, so I threw it into the mix.

Then I moved on Indiana specific songs starting with the ridiculous, at least given the situation

Then the sublime

His name was Indiana Jones; it's my mix; it fits

John Mellancamp is from Indiana, so he rounds out the traveling album.

Every South Dakota debater lives in a small town.

They are either Jack and Diane or know kids who are.

Do I really need to explain this one?

Or this one?


caheidelberger said...

Coach! Plug the iPod into the stereo so we can all listen! Great mix!

D.E. Bishop said...

It's is a great mix. I love it. Thanks.