Friday, June 8, 2012

Three Reasons The Current Political Landscape Is Depressing

Republicans are either greedy or crazy.  Andrew Sullivan points to this chart from Business Insider and the Romney response that follows.

One must ask whether we will still be a free enterprise nation and whether we will still have economic freedom. America is on the cusp of having a government-run economy. President Obama is transforming America into something very different than the land of the free and the land of opportunity.
Who would have thought that a "government-run economy" could produce record profits?

The Obama administration meanwhile seems to view basic rights as situational.  Glenn Greenwald reports,
The Obama White House's extreme fixation on secrecy is shaped by a bizarre paradox. One the one hand, the current administration has prosecuted double the number of whistleblowers – government employees who leak classified information showing high-level official wrongdoing – than all previous administrations combined. Obama officials have also, as ACLU lawyers documented this week in the Guardian, resisted with unprecedented vigor any attempts to subject their conduct to judicial review or any form of public disclosure, by insisting to courts that these programs are so secretive that the US government cannot even confirm or deny their existence without damaging US national security.
But at the very same time that they invoke broad secrecy claims to shield their conduct from outside scrutiny, it is Obama officials themselves who have continuously and quite selectively leaked information about these same programs to the US media. Indeed, the high publicity-value New York Times scoops of the past two weeks about covert national security programs have come substantially from Obama aides themselves.
The result of this attitude and the practices that stem from it are clear:
In sum, these anonymous leaks are classic political propaganda: devoted to glorifying the leader and his policies for political gain. Because the programs are shrouded in official secrecy, it is impossible for journalists to verify these selective disclosures. By design, the only means the public has to learn anything about what the president is doing is the partial, selective disclosures by Obama's own aides – those who work for him and are devoted to his political triumph.
But that process is a recipe for government deceit and propaganda. This was precisely the dynamic that, in the run-up to the attack on Iraq, co-opted America's largest media outlets as mindless purveyors of false government claims.
Both sides are guilty of supporting their guy at all costs.  Over the past couple of days, the Republicans have apparently been to busy chewing raw red meat to talk, so I'll  pick on  Democrats who support their guy because they live in the real world:
I’m truly sorry the President did not bring you your unicorn and pony. Alas, our parents and overlords make promises they either can’t keep, won’t keep, or decide out of pragmatism or political expediency, they don’t want to keep. That is a rule of human dynamics. It is also a rule in our political system that we have far fewer choices when it comes to candidates than we do for digital cameras and skins for our cell phones 
You only have one choice when it comes to a national organization that cares at all about public education and is singularly focused on it…that would be the NEA. Likewise, there is only one candidate who gives two flips about public education…and that would be the flawed Barack Hussein Obama. Yep, he should have stood with the teachers. Yep, he should have been in Wisconsin fighting the good fight. He should have closed Gitmo and his drone attacks with their grotesque “collateral damage” are a moral outrage. But my outrage is tempered when I consider the alternative in terms of who could have been or might be Commander in Chief.
The commentor forgot to add that RTTT is NCLB made worse, but teachers should blindly support Obama anyway.

In a world where crazy, greedy, duplicitous, hypocritical, and fanatical dominate, it's hard to avoid being displaced and slightly depressed.

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D.E. Bishop said...

I listened to an NPR talk program today, all about Obama transparency, or lack thereof. The Repub people compared Obama to GWB in terms of secrecy. The Dems defended him.

I'm not enthralled with Obama in many ways. I've supported some of his actions, and really dislike others. I guess I'll never find a president who does everything I want, unless it's me. (Highly unlikely.)

That makes Obama my best choice because I believe that Romney is a bully sociopath, serial liar.