Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some Minor Musings From Indiana

I apologize for formatting errors. I will try to fix later tonight from a computer instead of the phone

(1.)Mitch Daniels wants to increase tech ed and have high school students graduate with a tech certification. Will Daugaard start a STEM ├╝ber alles program during the next session? He seems to enjoy following the lead of other Republican governors.  Last session it was HB 1234 that seemed close to what Wisconsin's Walker and others proposed.

 (2.)Talking with people here about changing South Dakota schools or the South Dakota debate circuit makes me believe that the no one's asking the eight question:  what would we do if we were creating the school or the circuit from scratch?

 (3.)Finally,  officials in Indiana are worried about dry conditions and the threat of wildfires. That situation reminded me of a song that I forgot to put on my "Traveling to Indiana For Debate Nationals" Playlist.

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caheidelberger said...

How about graduating with a communications certification? Fine arts certification? Humanities certification? Humanitarian certification? Informed voter certification?