Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Trash Culture Edition

From, this rather disturbing cultural analysis:
I've seen a lot of people debating why Americans are so obsessed with the apocalypse right now. Is it 2012? Is it the economy? Is it our Protestant religious background, with its Armageddon obsession? Or something else? But maybe it's this — we're feeling apocalyptic because we have so much richness of pop trash right now, and we know it can't last. We can't live in an era that gives us so much bad television and forgettable movies forever, and we see the deluge coming. If you think of trash culture as a form of wealth, then right this moment we're the richest we've ever been, or ever will be.
Other societies had their Golden Age; we apparently live in our Fool's Gold Age.

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