Monday, June 11, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Marketing And Stages Of Life Edition

From this Jill Lepore New York Times interview:

"Q: Speaking of Aristotle, he divided the “ages of man” into three: youth, the prime of life and old age. But as you write, we’ve since invented adolescence, middle age and various other stages. Are there practical consequences for all of this microclassifying?

"A: Mainly, the more faddish and newer stages of life are really just marketing schemes. Tweenhood. The young old. The quarter-life crisis. You can sell a lot of junk to a lot of people by inventing a stage of life and giving it a name."

My wife has forbidden me from using buying a motorcycle to alleviate my mid-life crises, so the marketers don't always win.


Troy Jones said...

Hope all is well. On the way home, if you don't want to listen to espn, maybe they will let you listen to Rush.

LK said...

I like Rush's early stuff, but when the band went through their synth phase, I lost interest.

If we find a sat radio that plays their early stuff. . .oh wait are you talking about the talk radio guy. Never mind.

Troy said...

How do you know? I am a child of the 70's.