Sunday, June 10, 2012

Important Days To Remember During The Next Week

From this Mental Floss post, two June holidays that may get ignored.
June 10th: Ballpoint Pen DayPut away your quills, fountains, and felts, for today we honor the gravity-dependent ink dispenser we know as the ballpoint pen. It may not have the panache of a gel writing utensil, or the precision of a roller ball. But when it comes to getting ink onto paper and the bottoms of shirt pockets, ballpoints certainly get the job done.
I'm hoping the National Forensics League National Tournament, a gathering of pen geeks if ever there was one, hosts a Pilot G-2 twirling contest to celebrate.
June 15th: Magna Carta DayMagna Carta Day asserts the chronological depth of Britain. On June 15, 1215, King John I — influenced by heavy force — signed this document into law, granting unprecedented religious and personal freedoms to the English people. It remains to this day “kind of a big deal.”
Seriously, the Magna Carta is a big deal.  Americans need to remember that the struggle for political freedom has a long history and that an oligarchy, a monarch, or a dictator doesn't have to do much to limit that precious right.

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