Thursday, June 7, 2012

Education And The Food Network: Analogy #2

I'll have more to say about Common Core training over the next few weeks, but I'll throw out a couple of more food analogies tonight.

Last year, I apparently cooked grits; when the Common Core is fully implemented, I will be cooking polenta. Since the subject matter  won't change, I'm not sure what the difference is.

Meatballs taste better when the cook blends three meats.  The Common Core training emphasized three different elements: know, understand, and do, but the training emphasized separating not blending the elements.

Apparently, the concept of the either or fallacy has escaped those who prepared this training,  We were asked, "Do you want a teaching classroom or a learning classroom?"  I guess I want both.  I also want a restaurant to be a place where both cooking and dining occur.

Finally, the standards seem to stress conformity.  Guy Fieri, Melissa d'Arabian, Jeff Mauro all won The Next Food Network Star and all have successful shows.  Yet the standards for a $10 dinner and a sandwich fit for a king seem far different.  Fieri's search for diners, drive-Ins, and dives is "off the hook." For food that's a good thing; for the Common Core, apparently, not so much.

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