Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Education And The Food Network: Analogy #1

I get to spend today and tomorrow participating in a training module that will tell me how to align my classes with South Dakota's adaptation of the Common Core, so blogging will be light and more sardonic than usual.  I'm expecting this training to be such a big deal that I am wearing khaki pants instead of jorts.

I expect today's training to emphasize some basics.  The kind that remind contestants about on Chopped: fish and cheese don't work well together.  The judges never tell the competing chefs how to avoid putting fish and cheese together if the mystery basket contains sardines and Kraft singles, and I don't expect to get any hints that will help me avoid combining bad ingredients.  Some of the old state guidelines are still in place, so some subjects have the equivalent of a dessert mystery basket with four bitter ingredients.

I also expect to be told to cut back on the offerings.  That works well for Robert Irvine on Restaurant Impossible because he cuts back on a restaurant's menu frequently, but he leaves creates better recipes to put on the smaller menu.  Something tells me that all of the sauces that we're told will work today come from a bottle on the bottom shelf.  We may be able to add onion or garlic powder but there won't be any fresh ingredients.

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Malisa said...

I got to go through a 'Common Core is coming' meeting last week. Actually, the way I'm taking things is that the Restaurant Impossible comparison might go further than you took it. I think we've been doing the equivalent of bottled sauces and I think, just like RI does, we'll be told to make more stuff from scratch, with fresh ingredients. Maybe it wasn't so much from last week's CC meeting, but a combination of that and previous exposure and all the reading/planning I've been doing in between. I feel like what I've been doing is like the equivalent of Hamburger Helper and now we're going to REALLY start cooking.

I'm teaching summer school (HS Geometry). I'm really using them as guinea pigs for lots of ideas I've had floating around for years but never felt I could do because then I wouldn't have time to do 'the curriculum'. I feel like the pendulum has finally started swinging towards doing those things that just made sense to me but take a WHOLE lot more work because you have to figure them out as you go, rather than going Section 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. Some of it is discouraging because it's uncovering huge gaps in basic skills that I've always known were there but I'm now more committed to trying to take care of them. Today was a good day though. I've got hope again. (Day 3).

Thanks for the spin. I like it.