Monday, June 4, 2012

Do You Want Fries With That: A Minor Addition To The Education Policy Discussion

At The Madville Times, Cory does a great job of illustrating the folly of Mitt Romney's education plan and why it won't help South Dakotans.

I have a minor addition.  Inherent in Romney's proposal and nearly all reform proposals is the belief that schools should follow a business model.  That idea probably came from the businesses most likely to benefit,  publishing companies like Pearson.

With the advent of the national Common Core standards, schools have two business models.

First, there's the  McDonalds or Walmart model.  I doubt that the country will be better off if it educates students in the same way that McDonalds produces burgers or McNuggets. Walmart doesn't stock its shelves with cutting edge products.  Further, just because people can use a self-checkout doesn't mean students can educate themselves without teachers.  The country needs original ideas, big box or fast food chain thinking won't produce them.

Second, there's the too big to fail model.  It produced some cutting edge thinking: create worthless pieces of paper, have a rating agency assert that those pieces of paper have value, and sell, sell, sell.  That thinking, of course, led to the recession.  If education is in "crisis" now, wait until it's a corporation that too big to fail.

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D.E. Bishop said...

Very good points.

There is something inherently wrong with wanting to treat children as a commodity to be developed, used, and "monetized" for the cheapest cost possible.