Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Items That Make Me Feel Really Old

First, this news and photo from the Washington Post.
George Lindsey, who made a TV career as a grinning service station attendant named Goober on “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Hee Haw,” has died. He was 83.
The Marshall-Donnelly-Combs Funeral Home in Nashville said Lindsay died early Sunday morning after a brief illness.
Lindsey was the beanie-wearing Goober on “The Andy Griffith Show” from 1964 to 1968 and its successor, “Mayberry RFD,” from 1968 to 1971. He played the same jovial character on “Hee Haw” from 1971 until it went out of production in 1993.
“America has grown up with me,” Lindsey said in an Associated Press interview in 1985. “Goober is every man; everyone finds something to like about ol’ Goober.”
As a 54-year-old perpetual adolescent who still loves comics, I can identify with the last sentence.

From a picture of an everyman to a picture of an artist as a young man.  From The Atlantic, this picture of a very young Sir Paul McCartney.

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