Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Evening Weirdness: Theologian And Pop Star Edition

Earlier today I was confronted with this tweet.

At the time, I was contemplating the greatness of Free Comic Book Day, so I didn't give it much thought.  Since then, I have discovered work on the Interwebs that must have been created under the influence of bourbon and tequila along with some scotch and bathtub gin.

In short, it matters little whether mixing the two intoxicants is legal; on the other hand, mixing them may produce morally questionable work.

From the Reinhold Bieber Tumblr

Overview of  Reinhold Niebuhr here.  Readers will have to find Bieber info on their own.

HT: Andrew Sullivan


irishred said...

I've never been anyone's muse before. I feel honored. Wait...should I?

D.E. Bishop said...

Suffering for the sake of suffering, whether in leadership or any other way, is not and never has been a goal of Jesus, nor does it have any redemptive features.

(Unless your'e a religious leader with a personal power and messiah thing going on. This means you, Vatican boys!)

LK said...


If you knew how hard it is to make me think, you'd feel flattered